The EEOC recently released a list of the top discrimination charges for 2017 and Retaliation still remains the top concern, making up about 48.8% of all charges according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Some great news for employers though and very unexpected,  the total claims filed with the EEOC dropped dramatically.  Claims fell from 91,503 charges in 2016 to 84,254 charges in 2017.

2017 Charges:Retaliation: (41,097)Race: (28,528)Disability: (26,838)Sex/Gender: (25,605)Age: (18,376)2016 Charges:Retaliation: (42,018)Race: (32,309)Disability: (28,073)Sex/Gender: (26,934)Age: (20,857)
Total Number of Charges: 84,254Total Number of Charges: 91,503

How can Businesses and Organizations Avoid EEOC Complaints?

One way businesses can reduce the likelihood of a complaint with EEOC is by developing and distributing clear employee policies, updating the policies as needed, and consistently enforcing the policies will help employees understand and comply with your rules and expectations which often can lead to a complaint involving discrimination and limit your overall liability should a complaint arise.

Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Ensuring that managers involved in making pay decisions, document those decisions and retaining relevant records
  • Determine the criteria that you will use to make compensation decisions. Apply the criteria consistently
  • Retain any payroll records for at least three years
  • Use a Business Payroll | HCM Partner that can assist you with HR policy management and records keeping