Built on Trust, Personal Service and Cutting-Edge Technology


Mutual Values and Relationships 

Headquartered in Bardonia, NY, PayServ primarily serves small to mid-sized businesses in the New York metro area, although we have the capacity to serve larger clients regionally and nationally.

We believe in the mutual value of having a close “people-to-people” relationship with every client. We know the importance of staying on the front line of advanced technology. Most of all, we believe trust is the foundation of any relationship and we work hard every day to gain it and keep that bonding force alive with every client we serve.

Our Goal—Your Growth and Success

PayServ Payroll Solutions was built around a commitment to providing our clients personalized service combined with the latest technology to help them grow and succeed.


And History

At PayServ, we strive to provide exceptional service and value to our customers throughout our local communities. We pride ourselves on being a financially sound and ethically responsible organization whose every effort is to work toward ensuring the long-term success of our clients, employees and the company as a whole. We aspire to satisfy the unique needs of businesses, municipalities, non-profits and consumers alike while providing access to our top decision makers thus making partnering with us a greater experience for our clients.

PayServ payroll solutions is a locally-owned growing software company based in the Metro New York, Hudson Valley area and servicing company and employee needs in 37 states. The Corporation was originally founded in January 1985 to provide outsourced computer-based bookkeeping services including payroll, accounts receivable, account payable and inventory to clients of Rifkin, Levin and Lebowitz (RL&L). By the early 1990’s the partners realized the potential as well as the need for these services and decided to put more resources and emphasis in the stand-alone business. In 1995, Dan Rifkin, the company’s current president, joined the organization to generate sales focusing solely on payroll services and expanding the target market beyond just clients of RL&L. Sensing the opportunity beyond the accounting firm, Dan acquired the business from his father and his partners.

Today, PayServ, through our cloud based iSolved system, offers a full suite of human capital management(HCM) services and continues to grow its client base regularly.