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The Affordable Care Act places certain data reporting requirements on employers, with critical deadlines the first quarter that are fast approaching. The applicable 1094 and 1095 forms must be provided to employees by January 31 and filed with the IRS by February 28 (paper filing) or March 31 (electronic filing). The IRS will use these forms to determine employer shared responsibility and affordable minimum essential coverage, so having data accurate and readily available is critical.

ACA Regulations

iSolved reports will continue to be enhanced and changed to meet changing ACA regulations and employer needs.



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PayServ Payroll streamlines the annual reporting requirements. With the push of a button, employers are able to compile and analyze data to determine coverage and affordability. 

Identify and track part-time employees who have met the variable hours requirement for benefits

Track internal employment status and ACA status independently

Identify employees who have a change of status in their measurement period

Safe harbor methods are embedded in reporting for modeling