Give your employees a pathway to increased knowledge.


Learning in one LMS platform—delivered anytime, anywhere.

Today’s new generation of employees are eager to learn, improve their skills and increase their base of knowledge. They want to contribute to your company’s success.

With iSolved Learn, you can facilitate staff development that benefits your team and your business.

Provide short videos, gamification, and intuitive navigation for an enjoyable user experience.

Improve your employees' job performance by educating them with learning that is tailored to your organization.

Use learning to improve employee engagement, provide professional development, upgrade technical skills and improve compliance.

Create teams and assign courses based on roles and responsibilities. It’s also easy to create custom courses that are specific to a certain team within your organization.

An Integrated Learning Experience

PayServ Payroll gives your employees the benefits of iSolved Learn, a Learning Management System (LMS) integrated with your HCM platform.


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Create Your Own Paths and Certifications


Enjoy accessible, easy viewing of reports and dashboards.

Custom Content

Upload customized content and sessions tailored to your business.

Pre-built Courses

Add on a library of pre-built compliance and business courses.

Engagement Tools

Create your own quizzes and certifications for improved engagement.

Personalized Education

Configure your own paths and reward employees as they go.

Consumable Content

Provide online content that’s easy for employees to consume.

Effective Gamification

Use rewards and recognition to encourage adoption and continued use.

Continued Education

Make sure employees are up-to-date in courses important for their jobs.